The Egyptian government announces the granting of residence to foreigners


In a statement on Sunday, Khaled Abbas, deputy minister of housing for national projects, said that it was decided to grant non-Egyptians residence in the country in exchange for owning a housing unit. The residence is granted according to Law No. 230 of 1996 and the decision of the Minister of Interior issued in this regard, Completed residential units.

Law No. 230 of 1996 grants the right to non-Egyptians to own real estate and land. The Minister of the Interior's decision authorizes foreigne



Egypt pledges to Saudi Arabia a thousand square kilometers in south Sinai for the project NEOM


Egypt to pledge 1,000 square kilometers of land in southern Sinai to the industrial city of NEOM,

which Saudi Arabia announced last year at a cost of $ 500 billion,

a Saudi official said.The Saudi official said: "Saudi Arabia will cooperate with Egypt

and Jordan to attract European shipping and tourism companies to work in the Red Sea

during the winter." The Red Sea land is part of a $ 10 billion mutual fund that

the two countries set up late on Sunday during Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin



Egypt economy looks up for 2018


With Egypt’s rating now changed to positive by Standard & Poor, market confidence is expected to increase in 2018 


S&P Global Ratings has revised Egypt’s outlook to positive from stable, maintaining the “B-/B” long- and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings.

According to the report published by S&P in November 2017, the revised outlook reflects the potential of raising the rating 2018, if structural reforms that support



A promising future awaiting Sharm El Sheikh After announcing NEOM


The common area between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan that connect 3 cotenants that 10%
of the traffic crosses through it and 70% of the world population can reach it within
8 hours and is looking forward to a promising future
after the launch of the new project, NEOM.
The project is expected to divert huge investments to the area and transfer
it in to a global center designed on the latest technology that the world has not seen before.
With 500 Billion US$ of investments from Saudi Arabia,



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